Danelle + Rob first met each other at Winona State University in the beautiful state of Minnesota, and fate brought them together again years later in Chicago. One of their passion, shared by many of the wedding guests, is rugby! 

While on vacation in Colorado, they were hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park when Rob proposed to Danelle under a beautiful waterfall. The couples love for state parks and hiking was shown at their wedding through unique 'state park stickers' for their guests!

Danelle + Rob's wedding was non-traditional showing their love for the outdoors. A secluded lake was the ceremony's backdrop and provided pontoon boat rides for the guests throughout the day. The tall pine trees around the reception matched the couples décor of pine cones, birch rounds, and navy coloring. A bonfire, s'mores, and dancing kept everyone warm on the cool September night.


Rob's ideal date night: discovering a new coffee shop, going for a hike in the mountains, making dinner by the fire, and sleeping under the stars.

Danelle's ideal date-night: same as above plus marshmallows by the fire!

What Rob loves most about Danelle: "She's a hardworking goofball!"

What Danelle loves most about Rob: "His smile and ability to make me laugh."