If you've noticed I've been quiet on social media, it's for good reasons . . . my personal life has completely changed.

I started taking a leadership class through the local chamber of commerce, and the first couple of class sessions really focused on what our BIG THING in life is. What are you undeniably passionate about? What will you tell your children the mission in your life is? When you're retired, what will you look back and be proud of?   When you die . . . how will people remember you?

[intense, right?!]

I would go home from class and just cry. I don't know what my BIG THING is, but I know I'm not living it right now. Don't get me wrong, I love photography. I love photographing a couple's special day and making individuals feel beautiful through portraits, but I don't want photography to be my primary income right now. I don't want to book weddings just because I need money to pay the bills. I don't want to book 30+ weddings . . . to the point I loose the passion and purpose. 

Photography is very well my BIG THING, but . . . I think I have two BIG THINGS! 

Photography and fitness.

With my two BIG THINGS in mind, I started the job search. What will fuel my love for health and fitness while allowing me to continue White Woodland? Central Wisconsin doesn't have a lot to offer in this niche, so the job search became very focused. I updated my resume, and directly emailed the companies with health and wellness in their mission statement. After a couple weeks of waiting, I was offered some interviews . . . and those interviews turned into offers.

I'm excited to announce that starting next week I'll be the new Member Engagement/ Assistant Operations Director at the Woodson YMCA (Aspirus Branch) helping people live a healthy lifestyle! I'm also pretty excited to have a gym, swimming pool, fitness center, spinning class, racquetball court, garden, and horse stables at work!

Unfortunately, with this change I simply won't have time in my schedule to attend WODs at crossfit. I'll be sad to leave the supportive, fun team of crossfitters but I'm hopeful to complete similar workouts at the YMCA. Maybe I'll even return to the 'box' in the future if my schedule allows it!

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of my recent changes. I thank God everyday for allowing my life to shift in the direction of my BIG THINGS.