For those of you who haven't already read #GIRLBOSS, this book talks about resumes, cover letters, the interview. what to do once you get hired, how to get that promotion and starting your own business.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
— Douglas Adams

This quote really resonates with me, but I'll chat about that in a later blog post. But, here's a sneak-peak, "What all of these jobs taught me is you have to tolerate some shit you don't like - at least for a while. #GIRLBOSS training. I didn't expect to love any of these jobs, but I learned a lot because I worked hard and grew to love things about them . . . I approached them with a sense of tourism and experimentation. Rather than being tied to how it all worked out, I felt like I was just going to see where things went. When you approach everything as if it's a big, fun experiment, then it's not that big of a deal if things don't work out. If the plan changes, that can be even better. There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure." - page 65 in #GIRLBOSS.

The second aspect of Sophia Amoruso's career that stood out to me . . . she never went into debt for her business Nasty Gal. She's earned $28 million in revenue and never borrowed a dime. This is a gold-standard that I feel entrepreneurs should have. Work your ass off, save the money and reinvest it into your business. Then if you get lucky you'll make a profit one day. I didn't start my side-hustle to make money . . . I started photographing because I'm passionate about it.

"That's the number one thing, perhaps even the only thing you can absolutely count on. Regardless of what your dreams are, if you listen only to those around you, the chances of your dreams coming true are very small. The world loves to tell you how difficult things are, and the world's not exaggerating. And that's a real bummer. But, here's the real shit. You can't have it all, and nothing comes easy.  You will make sacrifices and compromises, get let down and let other people down, fail and start over, break some hearts, take some names and earn to pick up and continue when your own hear gets broken. But difficult doesn't mean impossible, and out of a bajillion of things in this universe that you can't control, what you can control is how hard you try." #GIRLBOSS page 237.

In summary, don't be an asshole and own your style.